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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tony kovaleski joins us and the fine follows your investigation that questioned the substations. >> reporter: clearly another hit on the credibility. our investigation tested claims by pg&e that safety and security were a priority at its electric substations. last august, this is what happened. this is what led to the fine. burglars cut their way through wire fencing and stole expensive equipment from inside the facility. the break-in went undetected for more than five hours by the promised enhanced security system. in the report issued today, despite multiple alarms sounding during the time of the break-in and theft, security personnel were not aware of the break-in and days after our investigation, we got this response from the director of security. has pg&e done enough to protect another attack like met calf.
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>> we are working to make sure it never happens again, tony. >> reporter: and remember, 16 months before the break-in, that was back in 2013, gunmen attacked the substation. pg&e promised robust changes. today the puc fined pg&e $50,000 for, quote, failing to maintain safe facilities. our investigation over the past two years pointed out that there's a clear difference between what pg&e told the public and what we found at its electric substations. clearly a question tonight is $50,000 enough. jess? >> thank you, tony. if you have a tip for investigative unit or for tony in particular, all you need to do is call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail. to a story we first broke on friday. the $300 million drama is intensifying. as we speak, santa clara county and turner construction are meeting behind closed doors,
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trying to settle what could be a botched hospital project. nbc bay area cameras were first to get you inside on friday. the hospital not close to being ready by its scheduled opening next month. in fact, it could be delayed by two or three years. nbc bay area's robert handa has been investigating this project for more than three years, and joins us in san jose. and robert, this is a big deal for taxpayers' money. >> reporter: that's right, raj. in fact, many people say that this is about taxpayer money, and taxpayer trust. now again, the two sides began meeting here at the county government center about 4:00 p.m., and as we reported, the county has given turner construction notice. it has to make a good case by friday to keep from being fired. crews forfeiturener construction are still working inside the $300 million hospital project today, even though no one knows how long turner will stay. as we reported during exclusive tour with santa clara county leaders last friday, the 168-bed
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facility was scheduled to open september 19th, but is not close to being ready after five years of construction. they blame it turner, saying the company redistributed crews to work on the levi's stadium while also mishandling designs, planning and construction. the county gave turner until this friday to keep from being fired. what could they promise that would change the county's mind? >> well, from my perspective, if they had a plan for completion that was detailed, that had specific deadlines. >> we want to make sure the public understands that turner's portion of this work is 90% complete. >> reporter: we took our own tour of the site today with turner construction. they argue the county caused delays with hundreds of sudden change orders, and thousands of requests for clarifications and changes to the design. turner called the accusation that building levi's stadium was a factor, complete nonsense. >> completely different skill set on a stadium and on a
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hospital. so if they've got evidence of that, we would sure like to see it. >> reporter: turner says it hopes today's meeting will help both sides move on. if the county wants to fix this problem, this problem can be fixed. we believe the county has not managed this problem well. >> they're supposed to have a proposal for us. i would say that the county is very concerned that they have made very many promises before. so this -- if they do have a promise now, they'll have to prove it. >> reporter: now again, the meeting here just ended. and even though it was a confidential meeting, sources tell me that turner construction did make its presentation even though it's too early yet to talk about the county's overall reaction, i'm told the county did not pull back its friday deadline. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> okay, robert, thank you. we'll keep looking out for your reporting on this story. you can watch robert handa's exclusive tour inside the facility with county leaders. it's right there on our front painful at
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a followup to another story we broke friday. three guards are now on routine administrative leave after the death of an inmate at the santa clara county jail. the community group silicon valley debug is now asking the sheriff's office to release the name of the inmate who died last week. it also wants the names of the three guards placed on leave. sources close to the investigation told nbc bay area the inmate may have died after being beaten or aggressively restrapd strained by the guards. the sheriff's office is awaiting the coroner's report which will state the cause of death. a critical mass boiling point all caught on tape. >> you're not going anywhere. >> no! >> hey! >> that video was posted to youtube friday night after san francisco's monthly critical mass bike ride. if you saw it there, it shows a zip driver nudging a cyclist who then starts yelling at the driver. this happened in the marina district. the small crowd blocks the traffic as the woman tries to
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drive away. a man right there with a bike lock lashes out, hitting the car. san francisco supervisor mark farrell says the cyclist driver run-in reflects poorly on all critical mass riders. >> it's outrageous. that behavior is really appalling. and, you know, it's not something we can tolerate or should tolerate at all here in san francisco. >> now police say they're not looking for that particular man with the bike lock, because no one filed a report against him. not so fast. 101 still needs work. the bay shore freeway shut down twice over the weekend is temporarily fixed. on friday night, it was a mess. cal tran's contractor crashed an excavator into a transmission tower. power lines collapsed and traffic came to a screeching halt. repairs last night then shut down the freeway yet again. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in burlingame this evening. and is michelle, what's next there? >> reporter: right now, it's just on hold, giving pg&e a
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chance to plan for repairs. look behind me. this is what we're talking about. the two wooden poles, the temporary fix. they need to be replaced with metal towers. when that happens, drivers will likely notice. >> we all kind of felt it. >> reporter: david ma daro says he earned half the tips he usually earns serving tables at downtown burlingame saturday. >> we're usually at 30-minute wait. there was no wait on saturday. >> reporter: many of the regulars were likely tied up or trying to avoid this. 101 traffic along the peninsula was a nightmare following a complete closure of the highway in burlingame friday night and again overnight on sunday. >> it was making sure we could get the lines back in service as safely and as quickly as possible. >> reporter: joe says an employee with the contract company jaffa construction working on a cal trans project crashed an excavator into the transmission line, causing the tower to buckle. the power lines to fall on to the highway.
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>> on to the highway, backed up, resetting the two poles. >> reporter: pg&e says the poles need to be replaced with a permanent tower and will require another closure along 101. they hope next time customers will be able to make it in for breakfast. >> it's not very fun sitting in traffic. >> reporter: i did reach out to jaffa construction, but didn't hear back today. cal tran says they are still investigating how this happened. as for pg&e, i asked how much they think this will cost. still unknown at this point. live in burlingame, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. we have a followup now to the east pay book club which claims racism was behind their removal from the napa valley wine train a week ago. their civil rights attorney has threatened a lawsuit but wants to meet with wine train executives. the 11 women from antioch used cell phones to record their disbelief when they were kicked off the train. another passenger complained they were being too loud and noisy. the train's ceo has publicly
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apologized and admitted the train was in the wrong. new at 6:00, back to their roots after a decade of growth in san francisco. more tech companies are now refocussing on the south bay. cupertino, sunnyvale and san jose among the cities seeing growth. this is changing the dynamics and demographics of the silicon valley. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, is in san jose this evening. scott, why the added push to get back to the suburbs? >> reporter: a lot of reasons, raj. we are about to see a big burst of growth here in the south bay. the kind we haven't seen since chip companies ruled the bay area, a move expected to bring with it a lot of jobs, along with a lot of traffic. it hasn't even opened yet, but intel he care direct is already busy. the startup just moved to the south bay and will hire 130 people immediately. >> the vibrant community here. people were very motivated, very
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driven, very educated. and i felt this was the place that i could get the best quality candidate. >> reporter: it joins apple, google, linkedin and others. tech companies opening offices in the south bay. >> people realize the action is right here, right now. >> reporter: san jose and silicon valley are taking off. >> reporter: but after years of looking to more hip, urban san francisco, why go south? >> all those gnxors that moved to the city and sat in their chairs with their black turtle necks are middle-aged now and have kids and all that kind of stuff and san francisco is not a kid-friendly town so you move to suburbia. >> reporter: where the focus is on hardware and manufacturing. two rapidly growing sectors of the economy. >> manufacturing is really thriving in the san jose area. today one of every six jobs is linked to manufacturing. >> reporter: but all those jobs mean more cars and higher-priced
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homes. >> i think traffic is about to be really terrible around here. it's already pretty bad. we have to pay more in wages. and even more in rent. but at the end of the day, not doing it would be penny wise, pound foolish. >> reporter: and he will start spending some of that money very soon. the company you saw has its official opening on wednesday with lots of positions to fill. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. offerwd rejected. the owner of a low-rent mobile home park on thex8 peninsula ha broken off negotiations to sell today5u owner of the buena vist notified officials of the nd a 4ñg(residents' association. the park is[> home to about 400 families. the owner will move forward with the closure of the mobile home park. people will receive a relocation
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package from the city. city leaders try to straighten out problems on the world's most crooked street. i'm kim yonenaka live in san francisco. i'll have that story, coming up. and then stuck on the ground. the problem that kept two southwest planes out of the skies and had passengers delayed. also california is leading immigration reform. we'll tell you about the major shift that's happening right now. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. sunny skies in sunol that continues to the north bay. we're tracking your microclimate forecast and the link between strong pacific hurricanes and el nino in a few minutes. aroutf
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did you see this? two southwest airline planes are out of service after clipping wings at oakland's airport last night. today our nbc chopper was overhead as crews began repairing the damage. here's what the plane looked like before the collision. and now you can see that a big chunk of the wing tip is gone. they collided when one of the jets was being pushed back from the gate. thankfully, no one was hurt. southwest says it is doing an internal review. straightening out a crime problem on the world's crookedest street. so called san francisco city ambassadors will now patrol the tourist hot spot in an attempt to keep visitors safe. and while they don't carry guns or make arrests, they are meant to be a deterrent to would-be
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crooks. the move on the heels of last week's robbery and shooting of this taiwanese tourist. this is cell phone video showing good samaritans helping on lombard street, a hot spot for thieves. kim yonenaka joins us live with the details of these ambassad s ambassadors. kim. >> reporter: jess, lombard street has a history of problems from crowd control to most recently like you mentioned, violent crime. this new program aims to put a stop to all of it. >> come on down. >> reporter: today, three ambassadors watched over the world's crookedest street, providing crowd control, answering questions and reminding tourists not to leave valuables in their cars. the program is a brain child of supervisor mark farrell, and funded out of the city budget. >> we have seen over the last few years a massive, massive influx and increase in congestion in public safety issues. >> reporter: recently, a tourist was shot on lombard street after a gunman tried to steal his
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camera. san francisco police say this district has seen a jump in crime, particularly property thefts have doubled in the last year. thieves are targeting famous tourist spots. lom ward is one of them. >> i've already received a report this weekend they spotted a couple individuals that they thought were going to be breaking into vehicles and once those individuals saw the ambassado ambassadors, left the area. that's what it's al about. >> reporter: there will be between two to four ambassadors seven days a week from noon to 7:30. they'll be here until november 1st and come back next may. >> everybody wants to take a picture, and everybody wants to get out in the street to take a picture so there is safety issues. >> reporter: just like that one tourist mentioned, safety issues are a big problem. you can see people right now taking pictures. they're in the middle of the street, oftentimes they aren't watching out for the cars. so hopefully this ambassador program can help with that. now there are similar ambassador programs at union square and
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distingui fisherman's wharf. i'm kim yonenaka, nbc bay area news. a rare phenomenon happening now in the pacific. this nasa photo shows three category 4 hurricanes swirling simultaneously in the ocean. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking the storms. and is this el nino at work here or just another phenomenon? >> it is 100% el nino related. there is no way we would get all these storms forming in the pacific if we did not have these warmer sea surface temperatures happening throughout the equatorial pacific. again, helping to fuel these storms. it's like gasoline for the engine, and this engine here, at least when it comes to el nino, is completely full. let's take a look right now at the three different storms we're tracking, all of them are strong on the world standard. when you take a look at hurricanes, you have a category 4 keel owe at 140 miles per hour, i go nas oat 105 and
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jimena at 110 miles per hour. we are tracking i go nas ojust north of hawaii. if you're traveling tuesday wednesday or thursday, certainly some increased wind, a little bit of rainfall from this. but that's just about it. i think you're okay if you're headed there on vacation as we head throughout this week. it's continually important to watch these active storms in the pacific. because some of that tropical moisture actually may end up getting caught up into the upper level jet stream flow, and travel through the west coast as we head through september 9th through the 12th. there's no big storm on the map here for california. but definitely helping the northwest out when it comes to the fire danger and rainfall in the pacific northwest. let's get you to our weather as we head throughout tomorrow morning's forecast. we have that familiar fog moving back in at the coastline, possibly some drizzle, maybe near the peninsula also for contra costa and alameda counties. through the day the sunshine back. but it looks like a little bit of a cloudier day at the
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immediate coastline. so what would this mean for our temperatures as we head through tomorrow? let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast. and you can see we'll average 8 oh-oh degrees across the peninsula. 89 in the tri valley and 73 for san francisco. as we head through wednesday, that will be the next large change in the mix. you can see numbers will go down anywhere from about 5 to 10 degrees, as we average 80 in the south bay and 81 for the tri valley. i'm back with the full forecast in five minutes. >> at 6:00, a first of its kind visit. the major concern president obama has that's prompting his trip to alaska. plus classes cancelled for hundreds of south bay students. their school damaged by flames. the clue that has investigators believing the fire was purposefully set. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children,
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h tomorrow is the first day of a new month and that means the rent is due. san jose city council will debate tonight whether silicon valley does need stricter rent control. a couple we spoke to says their landlord just hiked their rate by 21%, beginning tomorrow. they complained, and a compromise was reached at 18.5%, which means they have to come up with an extra $375 tomorrow. >> actually, i don't have options. i just -- that's why i have to sign the lease tomorrow. i have to just make it happen. >> extremely high, yes. and i think they know that a lot of people have no other options, and so they take advantage. >> tomorrow san jose city
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council will consider capping relent hikes at 4% per year. a lot of talk from congress and even candidate donald trump about immigration reform but california is moving ahead. it's enacting its own laws that take undocumented immigrants close to citizenship. political analyst larry ger sten is with us, and what are we doing and can it stick on a national level here? >> this is really interesting. california has done an about-face, raj, when it comes to this issue from anti immigrant to pro immigrant. it's a culture shift that bogs the mind. voters and legislators made english the state's official language. they put restrictions on instruction of english to foreign students. and they denied state benefits to undocumented residents. thauz all changing now. >> we have moved quickly. is it more diversity in political leaders and clout from the latino community? why is this happening? >> there is something for everybody in the answer here. but really the last few years,
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the legislature has done this about-face. it's gone ahead and passed a law allowing undocumented residents to apply for driver's licenses. lawmakers have gone ahead and allowed undocumented students to attend state universities without paying out of state tuition. and the legislature moreover has prohibited local law enforcement authorities from detaining undocumented immigrants who have been charged with really minor offenses. all these changes. and then, of course, there's this whole issue of other laws being changed, laws from allowing agricultural workers to work here to other issues, as well. and it's absolutely phenomenal when you think about benefits now, med cal benefits going to the children of undocumented minors. all these changes and more. >> larry, are the 49 other states watching what we're doing? these are significant changes we're seeing. >> you know, there are a lot of things going on here right now. but we have to mention, one thing in common. yes, the states are looking.
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there is no question about it. but the fact of the matter is, that in the end, congress isn't doing much about this at all, raj. and as a matter of fact, while congress dithers, california becomes really a role model, not only for congress, but those states. but no state gets close to this one. no state, no siree. >> okay, thank you, larry. very good insight about immigration, and this is something we'll continue to talk about over and over, especially going into the election next year. e ainf chge.==a/real= community leaders come together to talk about the role i.c.e. should play in santa clara county. i'll have that story coming up. also, it appears to be spreadi spreading. the demands being made by an inmate advocacy group at more prisoners at san quentin are diagnosed with legionnaires' disease. fraiscpie14 ootg tt
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we have breaking news in connection to that shooting on the san francisco pier that outraged so many across the nation. we just learned the family of kate steinle is prepared to file a lawsuit in the wake of her july 1st death. the suit filed against san francisco sheriff. the immigration and customs enforcement agency and bureau of land management. the steinle family says it will talk about the decision at a news conference tomorrow. as you may remember, steinle was shot and killed on pier 14 while walking with her father. the suspect, francisco sanchez, is an undocumented immigrant with a lengthy rap sheet.
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he's pled not guilty to the murder charges. from bad to worse at san quentin, more prisoners showing signs of legionnaires' disease. six confirmed cases of the dangerous disease. another 73 inmates are showing symptoms. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is at the prison where an inmate advocacy group is demanding access inside. jodi. >> reporter: prison officials insist, they're taking every step possible to keep inmates safe and healthy. but with nearly 80 prisoners now sick, inmate advocates are becoming more and more worried. >> this is a crisis. it's something that needs immediate action. and prisoners can die from this disease. >> reporter: inmate advocates say they're alarmed by the outbreak of legionnaires' disease at san quentin prison. six inmates now have confirmed cases of the potentially deadly illness. 73 more are sick with symptoms. >> every potential exposure
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source here at the prison is being tested. >> reporter: prison officials say the source of the illness, which has spread through water droplets, is still a mystery. while toilets are back in operation, faucets and sinks remain dry and inmates are still lining up with jugs in hand to get drinking water. >> it's for the benefit of every man that they're behind the walls within the prison that we don't expose anyone else potentially to this bacteria. >> reporter: but folks with the prison law office which provides free legal services to inmates are very concerned. they're demanding access to the prison so they can talk to inmates themselves. >> to talk to the prisoners, to see exactly how they're being treated, what the conditions are like. >> reporter: late today, san quentin officials confirmed that they will indeed allow folks at the prison law office into the prison tomorrow to talk to inmates. at san quentin, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, jodi. we just learned that san francisco police will, in fact, open an investigation into an incident that happened during friday's critical mass ride. we told you about this a short time ago. sfpd says it will sign an investigator and reach out to both the driver and the cyclist who were out there that night to find out what happened. we showed this video earlier posted on youtube, which shows a man hitting a zipcar with a bike lock after the driver apparently nudged the cyclist. this all unfolded in the marina district friday night. they want him out before he moves in. hundreds of people in concord are determined to stop a convicted sexual predator for moving into their neighborhood. more than 500 people have signed this petition on state officials are trying to move the sex offender, frazier smith, to a home near amhertz way and moore lane, about a mile away from an elementary school. in 2006, smith pleaded no contest to assault with intent to commit rape. there's a public hearing about
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smith's placement next month at solano county superior court. it's a balancing act. south bay leaders grappling with a new federal plan for dealing with new undocumented immigrants accused of crimes. homeland security wants sheriff's deputies to work closely with i.c.e. agents. marianne favro is live at the santa clara county board of supervisors chambers and there is mixed reactions to the plan. >> reporter: this topic is really heating up across the nation with both sides saying it's all about public safety. when illegal immigrant juan sanchez allegedly killed kate steinle on pier 14 in san francisco this summer, her death became the flashpoint in the national immigration debate. which is why today santa clara county sheriff's deputies, representatives from the d.a.'s office and community members met in the county supervisors chambers to talk about pep com. it's a proposal by homeland security to give local law enforcement more opportunities to alert i.c.e. when they have arrested an undocumented
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immigrant. >> with the new implementations, and what that's going to mean, we are already are seeing the community is hesitant to report crime. >> reporter: but some argue, local law enforcement must work with i.c.e. to protect the community from potentially dangerous suspects. >> and i think it's worth looking at, because i do honestly believe that people who are serious and violent felonies, been convicted, we should at least notify i.c.e. if they're in this country illegally. >> the challenge is that the program is very, very broad. so as i said, that it started out by saying we're looking for serious and violent convicted offenders, but then there is a very long list of everything else they would be interested in. >> reporter: still, some today argue that if local authorities get too cozy with i.c.e., many immigrants will fear deportation, choosing to hide instead of help deputies. staff will now forward today's comments to the supervisors who
6:35 pm
will take up this issue on september 15th. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. school was cancelled today for 500 students in los gatos but tomorrow are expected to be back on campus. a suspicious fire has a lot of people concerned. it happened at a community center between loma prieta elementary school and ct english militants school. this is near the santa cruz mountains. investigators think the fire started in a nearby garbage can and it was intentional. the schools are okay burks the crews needed some time to clean up today. a missing hiker who survived nine days in the cierre with a broken leg is recovering from emergency surgery tonight. the 62-year-old became separated from a group of hikers in the sierra national forest august 20th and fell down some rocks. alone and badly hurt, she spent two days crawling to a creek where she could fill her water bottle. >> when i talked to her, there was a time where she asked herself, well, i can either stay here and die or i can get over
6:36 pm
to the sound of water and at least make sure i can be hydrated every day. >> search and rescue teams found hardwood saturday after they heard her blowing a whistle. she is listed in stable condition at a fresno hospital. it's making history. the bill headed to the governor's desk which aims to close the pay gap between men and women. both houses have now passed a california fair pay act which allows women to challenge pay discrimination against the companies they work for. the challenges can even be made if women find men doing the same job for more pay in different locations. the bill also mandates that women cannot be retaliated against for asking about the subject. >> women make 84 cents for every dollar a man makes. a woman of color, an african-american woman, makes 64 cents for every dollar a man makes in this state. and latinos make 44 cents. this is going to close that gap. this is going to require employers to justify differences in pay.
6:37 pm
>> this new legislation protects men who believe their pay could be subject to gender bias, as well. no settlement in the so-called deflategate suspension of bay area native, tom brady. today a light may be at the end of the tunnel. brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell met at the courthouse to discuss an appeal to reduce his four-game suspension, which was handed down by the commissioner. but after two hours, both parties left the building with no settlement. the decision will now fall into the hands of a judge. the judge says his decision could come as early as tomorrow and no later than friday. a reality show? president obama is going on a wild alaskan adventure. i'm janelle wang. we'll have more on the president's first trip to the state and the physical and mental challenge he will be facing, coming up. also, hundreds of movies are leaving, being taken off of netfl netflix, but it's in the necessarily bad news for the lalos gatos based company.
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we'll explain, next. hesp nflisubribs: yohav't tch
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there's a change for netflix subscribers. if you haven't watched the movie from hunger games or world war z or transformers, they'll be gone in about)t netflix is ending a billion dollar agreement with epics to show the movies. hulu is picking up the films. netflix says it will increase its own original programming and show new releases from disney, pixar and lucas film. netflix has exclusive streaming rights for those companies. expect to see plenty of cars on the road this upcoming labor day weekend. aaa says california drivers will pay the lowest price for gas since 2004. automobile agencies says two factors are responsible. low price for crude oil and supply outpacing demand.
6:41 pm
while all drivers across the country are seeing lower prices, california, as usual, is still paying more. national average, $2.47 a gallon. here in california, much more. san jose the cheapest at 3.$3.1a gallon and in san francisco paying at least u $3.34. >> can we talk about[k labor d the2 holiday? tuesday and wednesday in front ofed us. >> i'm guessingf, you're:b off? >> iwjust want to talk about it. >> of course we can.jv you know, weather is goi to be a little bit of a roller coaster ride. we are uph;dnow. week. and by labor day weekend back up. coming up in the full forecast, we'll let you know if we'll hit any 100s and track where the west coast rain is headed in a few minutes.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week.
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together, we're building a better california.
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president obama is in alaska this evening for his first visit to the state. a lot on his agenda. climate change, renaming north america's highest mountain and an appearance on a reality show. janelle wang joins us now with more. janelle. >> roger, air force one touched down in anchorage a few hours ago. it's going to a busy three days for the president. also a controversial one. the nation's 49th state is melting at a rapid pace. >> there's approximate 25,000 glaciers in alaska, and almost all of them are retreating, losing mass, and shrinking. >> reporter: the concern over climate change is the main reason for president obama's visit. he's attending a glacier conference sponsored by the state department. it a debate over how to balance environmental protection with economic development. native alaskans are running a tv ad opposing any new environmental restrictions. the white house released its own video, highlighting the president's visit. >> the state's got-given natural
6:45 pm
treasures are at risk. >> reporter: but alaskans are pleased with the white house's decision on another natural treasure. the president will rename mt. mckinley to denaly, meaning the great one. north america's highest mountain was name after william mckinley from ohio back in 1917. >> the guy saw that mountain when he was one of the first up there and named it after the president. no reason to change it. >> reporter: but as the obama administration points out, president mckinley never visited the mountain, nor did he have any historical connection to alaska. alaskan tribes have been fighting for this name change for decades. >> when you realize that something is more appropriate or when you can write a historic injustice, it's important for us to do those things. >> president obama will also test his survival skills in alaska. he will tape an episode of "running wild with bear grylls," a popular reality show set to air on nbc bay area later this year. jessica, raj? >> ooh, bear grylls.
6:46 pm
>> bear grylls? >> running down alaska. >> okay. all right. let's turn things over to jeff. i'm just still stumped by that. >> i know. i was thinking about it earlier. they do a lot of ariels, the helicopter shots. you can see all the secret service guys. going to have detail out there. let's get a live look outside the sky camera network. after a few spotty showers saturday in the north bay and contra costa and alameda counties, we've cleared out. sunny skies now, 82 in the south bay. east bay checking in at 85 degrees. and in san francisco, 68. we do have the westerly wind coming in, but there's not that much in the way of thick fog. you can see from this downtown shot, sutro tower standing up at 977 feet tall. there's no fog that's visible now. but as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we expect those low clouds to come back. look, i don't think it's going to be a super foggy start to your tuesday morning, but there's definitely going to be enough low clouds that san francisco will have the typical fog along with theçb peninsulad we'll see a few patchy clouds to 59 degrees.
6:47 pm
my coldest electricity in the north bay beginning at 55. so need a light jacket in marin, napa and sonoma counties. our best chances of rainfall will exist to the north. for us, high pressure here off to the east. there is a lot of hot air associated with this. but with that fog up at the immediate coastline, i think a lot of our temperatures will be really comfortable here as we head throughout tuesday. as we look ahead throughout this week, also this upcoming weekend, we see the pattern very similar. the storm track remains just off to the north. that's good news, because it will keep 100s away through the labor day weekend. but unfortunately, there's no chance of any kind of rainfall for our drought. but we do have some rainfall happening across the west coast as we head throughout the next seven days. check this out in seattle. we likely could see 1 to 2 inches of rainfall where that high fire threat has been. and, of course, a lot of fires burning in montana. we could have 5-plus inches for the higher elevations.
6:48 pm
good news at least across portions of the west for seeing the fire danger lower. let's take you to the microclimate forecast. here's how comfortable and maedsing it looks tomorrow. 84 degrees expected in san jose and sunny skies. morgan hill expecting 86. throughout the peninsula, we have our 60s coming back with that westerly wind in pacifica. san mateo, 75 and palo alto up to 80. san francisco, our microclimate in the financial district and mission should be in the low 70s. marina at 68. let's take you to the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley. we'll be out of the 90s tomorrow in the tri valley. slight cooling as that fog builds at the immediate coastline putting us at 87 in danville, 89 in livermore. east bay, 76 in oakland. walnut streak, a 10 degree jump away from the ocean breeze at 87. fremont expecting 83. and up into the north bay, we are around the mid 80s. by this weekend forecast for labor day weekend, saturday, sunday also into monday, we will see temperatures go hotter, but again, no triple digits
6:49 pm
expected. 89 for the south bay on saturday. 9 3 by sunday and for the tri valley and north bay, we'll go as high as the low 90s. so all in all, looking pretty good as we head throughout the upcoming three-day forecast. >> thank you, jeff. up next, guess what, it is giants and dodgers, the showdown continues. what a great rivalry. and we are headed towards crunch time in terms of the playoff race. n l ospts. the rldham arretnintohe uthay.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
well, champs are headed back. today the warriors announced they will play their first exhibition game of the season it at the s.a.p. center in san jose
6:52 pm
october 5th against the toronto raptors. you may remember the warriors played at the shark tank for the entire '96-'97 season while the arena in oakland was being renovated. >> it's basketball season already? >> back-to-back. >> let's bring in jerad, and we are talking baseball. it's heating up now. giants and dodgers beginning tonight. >> it's the biggest series of the year, without a doubt. the gap is three-and-a-half games. the series is a three-game set. a chance for the giants to pull much closer to the dodgers over the next three nights and the most important series of the season to date. with mad bum going tomorrow, the pressure is on jake peavy tonight, taking the hill for the orange and black at dodger stadium where he has been solid. 6-0 with a 2.51 e.r.a. over his last ten games. the dodgers counter with anderson, who beat the giants in l.a. back on june 21st. >> there's no question.
6:53 pm
seven games, these two teams play, they're big games. particularly for us. i mean, we're the ones that are behind. if your focus is where it should be, it's on that game, playing to win that game, you know, it really shouldn't matter if you're ahead shall behind, whatever. >> reporter: it will be interesting to see if peavy can take advantage of the dodgers lack of offensive momentum from last night. l.a. became the first team to be no-hit twice in the same month since 1971. as jake aireta tossed for the cubs with chicago salvaging a win in the final game of the series, 2-0. >> can't think about yesterday, can't think about tomorrow. you go in, try to win a game tonight. so we'll try to do everything we can, put everybody in the right position tonight, give ourselves the best chance to win. that's what we're going to do. >> all right. talking football. 49ers' d lineman lockett hopes to be ready for the season opener despite dealing with a cracked rib. he was not identified on the
6:54 pm
injury report after the denver game, but snapchated a photo of himself receiving treatment on his right side with a description, cracked rib. the raiders started training their roster and trend richardson, a chance to revive his career after being labeled a bust would motivate the former number 3 overall draft pick but he was sluggish in camp, looked slow and was outplayed by several other running backs. okay. finally. when you're the defending world champions, it is never too early to start talking about game one, even if that game one is a preseason game. as jess just said. they open in san jose, and check out the gift for the first 10,000 fans at s.a.p. center. a instead of curry san jose sharks edition bobblehead. the sharks released this gif of the mvp with a likeness, while dribbling the rock with his right hand. you know, this bobblehead
6:55 pm
actually does justice to what the athlete looks like. so many times they don't look anything like the player. this one, though, raj and jessica, i think it was very well done. >> i know. it's got great eyes. really well done. thank you. >> such a good complete, probably the best hockey player on the ice, as well. thank you, jerad. for a full 30 minutes, watch comcast sports net bay area tonight at 10:30. beginning of the week, and a nice long five days ahead of us. >> i know. and you know, some good weather as we head throughout this week. we're looking ahead towards that three-day weekend. you can see for tomorrow morning we start off right, a little fog coming back to the coastline and 61 in san francisco. you need a light jacket in the north bay with 55. and for the south bay, even chilly with 59 degrees. as we head through tomorrow's forecast on your tuesday, you can see temperatures stay warm in the south bay with 87. peninsula at 80. and san francisco will be warming downtown with 72 degrees but fog building at the
6:56 pm
immediate coastline and we expect our microclimate near the coast in the 60s. north bay, 86 degrees expected as we head through tomorrow. sunny skies and 10 mile and plus visibility. if you're here on vacation, napa, wine country, it's going to be a beautiful day. as we look ahead towards the labor day weekend forecast, at least the start of it, you can see by friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures do go hotter. but the hottest in the south bay looks to be on sunday with 93 degrees. san francisco will get up to 78. so that will be nice. and the tri valley will be at 92. we think by labor day, slight cooling in here. so yes, it's going to get hot. i think the good news, we will stay out of the 100s for that holiday weekend. >> you hinted a couple of -- i think last night, mid september maybe some rain. >> a lot of us heading to the pacific northwest. for us, dry now. we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you, jeff. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> hope to see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
>> miley's naked fashion marathon. justin bieber in tears. kim kardashian first lady. >> inside the wildest vmas ever now on "extra." miley cyrus shocks the censors in 11x-rated outfits. >> she's having fun because she loves it. >> nicki minaj going for miley's throat. >> justin bieber stealing indicate gos


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